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About Our Clinic

We Are Proud to Provide High Quality and Comprehensive Care

Our goal at Magnolia Grove is to stay ahead of your pet’s health by focusing on preventative care. Yearly exams, early diagnostics, affordable and convenient prevention options, and ultimately, taking the time to sit and explain your pet’s health in a way that allows you to truly be involved in the medical process allows us to provide the highest quality and comprehensive care our family members deserve. From their first visit to the ultimate act of love we can provide, we want to ensure that we provide you with the medical knowledge and care for your pet so they can live their best life.

Magnolia Grove Veterinary Clinic was founded on the principles of providing quality medical care in a family oriented and focused manner. Our very name embodies this foundation. Dr. Richie grew up on a family farm in Laurens County that was endearingly referred to as “Magnolia Acres.” Thus our name serves as both an homage to our own families who have supported us throughout this journey as well as the guiding principle by which we strive to serve our clients and patients, as family.

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